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Sports Fans Folleys

Stupid Things So-Called Sports Fans Have Said

I know you've seen them. They wear Dallas, San Francisco,or Chicago jackets, yet they know nothing about the team they support. But when they act like they know something about those teams the outcome is hilarious. Here are some quotes we heard from these people.
Joe Montana and Dan Marino

1. "Joe Montana is the quarterback for the Dolphins"

2. "I don't know what field there in"

3. "I thought the Chiefs WERE the 49'ers"

4. "I just like the colors"

5. "MOMMY MOMMY Green Bay won the Super Bowl, I need some
new shirts!"

6. "I like them because my friends do"

7. "Jerry Rice is an awesome quarterback"

8. "What is a wide receiver?"

9. "The Philadelphia who???"

10. "Those 49er's did great in the World Series against the Black Hawks!"

11. "I thought the Braves were the Indians"

12. "My Aunt Got Me This Jacket For My Birthday"Deion Sanders

13. "I've liked the Green Bay Packers ever since I started watching hockey"

14. "I like the Dallas Cowboys because Deion Sanders has a Kewl hat

15. "The Orioles suck so bad they can't score a goal!"

16. "What team did Babe Ruth play For?"

17. "Patrick Ewing is the BEST center-fielder ever!"

18. "Tino Martinez HAS to be on the Knicks! Unless you were lying to me about
him playing in New York!"

19. "I've liked the Bulls my whole life."

20. "The Celtics can't be that bad, they led the league in losses don't they?"

21."Isn't the Stanley Cup some kind of jock strap?"

22. "Tiger Woods? So what if he can shoot a 64? I can shoot an 87!"

23. "My favorite teams are the Bulls, Redwings, Packers, and Yankees."

24. "The CFL is superior to the NFL."pinto

25. "So what if Walter Payton rushed 10,356 yards, I have a Pinto with 10,356 miles on it!"

26. "Can someone please take these old Cowboys and 49ers jackets off my hands, I need to make room for my new Packers stuff!"

27. "Strike 3! That can't be right, the other 2 pitches were foul balls!"

28. "I'm such a baby the Dolphins make me cry."

29. "I support Baseball Realignment."

Have Any More Silly Quotes? If you do, send them in!

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