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Welcome To The One and Only Rich Kotite Homepage. Dedicated to the worst Possible Coach EVER! With his career with the New York Jets, he compiled a pitiful 4-28 record. In his 4 years with the Eagles, he compiled a 37-29 record. And most recently, he compiled an nfl worst 1-15 season record. Has this guy ever seen a football? Does he know anything about a defense? Let's call Unsolved Mysteries and figure out how this guy became a Head Coach!


Here it is, our exclusive interview with Kotite, now you can read into his thoughts (and Laugh)

Q: How do you feel about the previous season?
A: I didn't like it, it tasted horrible in my soup and it burnt my tongue!

Q: No No No! I'm talking about the FOOTBALL SEASON, you know, the Ny Jets, 1-15, all that good stuff.
A: Ohh! I know what your talking about! I hated it, i wasted my best ever plays on it.

Q: Tell me some of these plays.
A: Well. my favorite offensive play was the "Strategic Interception".

Q: Strategic Interception????
A: If your on your own 10, and you think the other team is going to sack your QB, you trick them by throwing the ball at them!

Q: That sounds pretty stupid; Whats your Favorite Defensive play?
A: That definitely would have to be "gaps".

Q: How does that play work?
A: When the offense snaps the ball, the defense runs as far away from them as possible!

Q: You know nothing about football, do you?
A: Some of the players tried to give me some tidbits of info, but i wasn't paying attention.

Q: Do you even Know what a Football is?
A: Yeah, do you think i'm stupid? It's those flag looking thingys the refs throw on the field!

Q: Man, I wish I knew as much about football as you!
A: Why thank you, i'll dedicate my next "Strategic 1st Down Fumble" to you!

Q: Yay.

Thanks for reading our Exclusive Interview!


kotite's Job

This is Kotite's latest job, going door to door selling Flowbees!


Kotite was recently nominated for the Football Hall of Shame and Museum in Detroit, MI. "I didn't inhale", said Kotite after being asked about his nomination.

"We are nominating Kotite on his ability to blow halftime leads, his team non-leadership, his poor defensive plays, his terrible offensive plays, his excellent 1-15 season, and destroying a franchise's pride." Said Hall of Shame president Matt Millen. It must also be noted that Kotite's '96 Jets Team has already been Inducted in the Hall of Shame's Bottom 20 teams of all time list.

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